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The Anti-Modi Christian Agenda


The Anti-Modi Christian Agenda

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see” is a line from a famous song. Some people have all the luck – they actually live that line in bliss. There are those who defend Leslee Undwin’s documentary under freedom of expression without thinking about the sinister motive of the then Congress govt and the film-maker and her funders and her violation of many agreed terms. They forget, the same govt had threatened and bullied a TV series called Crime Patrol over making an episode on Nirbhaya. The producers even received threats on the phone. But the Congress govt was happy to allow Udwin right into Tihar jail, have a loverly chat with the rapists and use the soundbites from one to tar an entire country – the target obviously being tarring Hindu culture as one of “rapists”. For the benefit of the ignorant ones, the whole operation of the documentary with the covert operators behind it is detailed in this Storified page.

Udwin’s documentary was given permission to film in July 2013 and one has to wonder why it took two years to make and why release it only recently around Women’s Day this year. Had it been released prior to May 2014 I doubt Congress would have got 44 seats even. ButUdwin’s documentary is just one small part of a diabolical Christian onslaught on the ModiSarkar. Foreign terrorists often operate with local accomplices. This Christian hitjob by Udwin & Co did have their Christian accomplices in Delhi – NDTV:

The reward for NDTV was to do a world premiere of this Christian filth. BBC-4 carried it though. In my post “The 11th hour’’ I had mentioned how desperate attempts were being made by the Chrislamists to stop Narendra Modi from becoming PM. They had realised by then that the prospect was imminent. Christian bigot John Dayal was with his bigot-counterparts in the US Congress still trying to retain the ban on Modi’s US travel. The stupid principal of St Xavier’s Mumbai was writing emails to his students with an implicit message to not vote BJP. A host of other dubious Fiberals were writing open letters in newspapers to keep the BJP out. Unfortunately for them, the inevitable happened. The Christian regime of Sonia Gandhi was thrashed in the LS elections. It forced AK Antony to admit Congress is perceived as “anti-Hindu”. He makes just one error, it’s not a perception – Congress under Sonia was indeed anti-Hindu and Congress has always been so.

I call the SoniaG regime a Christian-regime. Under her hundreds of dubious NGOs with a Christian agenda set up shop, got huge funds from abroad and the conversion-factory witnessed a boom. Most of these NGOs were funded by the same covert ops specialists that funded Udwin’s documentary. The late YSR more or less created “industrial zones” for these conversion factories as his state hosted the biggest operators from the industry. The Sonia-Christian regime had support from all the Christian lobbies from the West. In India, the Commie media backed their operations for their covert war against Hindus and Hindu culture. It is the one religion or culture that the Chrislamists haven’t been able to destroy but it is WIP. Even stupid Hindus who are too blind to see these operations to destroy them blissfully live easy in misunderstanding. It took just a few days after ModiSarkar got in for the chaos and anarchy operators to start their war against Modi and his govt. The first being the concocted agitation against power cuts and power bills in Delhi. Considering this was nothing new and ModiSarkar was just in, these Western pimps had already started plotting his fall.

All you have to do is imagine that BJP had only 249 seats and 33 other coalition members in the govt and I guarantee this – the govt would have already faced a no-confidence motion in parliament. It would have faced such a motion every six months. It is just that BJP having 282 on its own makes that operation difficult to carry out. The situation for the Christian conversion-mafia aggravated after the govt choked funds to spurious NGOs sometime around August-September 2014 and I know this for a fact:

At the start of 2015 a few churches were vandalised and one was earlier gutted. That was another trigger to start off a “Christians under attack, Christians under attack” campaign. This was followed by a moronic “religious intolerance” comment by Barack Obama which the media comfortably used as another snub to the so-called “fringe” Hindu forces. Only a fool would believe Obama’s reference to the incident was an accident or out of any real concern. We don’t know who did it but chances are those opposed to Modi were the ones responsible. The media screamed “Christians under attack” again after a recent attack on a church at Mangalore. Turns out the attack was by a disgruntled employee (just like those who frequently slapped Arvind Kejriwal for which AAP conveniently blamed BJP). The professional agitators of AAP held another street agitation against the church attacks. Take that, more paint to the campaign of “Christians feel unsafe” under ModiSarkar.

Nothing is accidental about these events. These are all well-choreographed and scripted. There is just one problem. As usual, the lies are quickly spread but truth takes a while longer to come out. When the data on attacks on places of worship came out the attacks on churches were the least in number (not that any attack is justifiable). But like in the trading industry the smallest dealer makes the loudest noise. This data carried in IE should shame all the liars in the media and politics but it won’t. As always, LIE BIG, retract small – sometimes don’t even retract:

Church attacks were no better under the previous Christian regime of SoniaG but it is now being amplified as “Christians under attack, Christians under attack”. The Muslims are not so much into organised conversion as Christians except through marriage and are sizeable in India to carry out any campaign that their community demands or needs. In contrast, the Christians are a smaller percentage at 3 or 4. Therefore, their international accomplices in their agenda play a big part in tarring the Modi govt as anti-Christian. Thus, the Modi govt is being painted as anti-Christian even though he has indulged in appeasement of this community by meeting them and even taking personal interest in getting a Christian conversion-factory worker released from Afghanistan. These attacks are not going to stop soon. And  our media runs to prominent Christians to vent their imaginary frustration very emotionally as this stupid headline from Indian Express from an Oped by Julio Ribeiro, a former decorated cop:

Really? Over what? The church attacks that were amplified, that Mother Teresa was exposed as a fake angel and GharWapsi. This is as sick as a silly old man can get. Talking emotional nonsense that will then get tom-tomed by our media mafia to further tar the Modi govt and portray Hindus as fascists who want to destroy Christians. He feels a stranger in his own country. Don’t forget the silly morons who wanted to leave India if Modi became PM. Don’t forget the bimbo who said she has a small child and how could she live in India if Modi became PM. All these calamity-mongers are the biggest scumbags – some willing and some merely stupid. You would wonder why otherwise sensible Hindus (at least those with Hindu names) fall for this stupidity. Just look at the Brown slave Ashutosh Varshney. This Barkha-sidekick whines for what Ribeiro writes without the slightest concern for facts. They whine because their money comes from the guys who further the Christian agenda.

The Fiberal writers and other sundry activists of the Hindu variety also do the same to further the Christian agenda because their publishers, their money and the awards they value and the junkets they are sponsored to, all come from the same Christian fountain. The few RW journalists will also not speak out loud because their bread too is buttered indirectly by the same mafia. That is how SoniaG built her vast coterie. As soon as he realised the folly of the nonsense he had written, Ribeiro had to admit he had chewed the very hand that fed him all of his 86 years. He admitted to a channel that he had exaggerated his crap which bigger morons like Varshney easily buy and so do many stupid Fiberal Hindus. The loss of 10 years of unhindered Christian agenda peddling is starting to take a toll and therefore this campaign. There are two joint signature themes to this campaign:

Modi is anti-minority and 
India is unsafe for women under BJP

There, the theme has been established and it will continue to hog headlines with fake news or incidents amplified to disproportionate levels right through the next few years. Don’t look too far. The pimps at NDTV wasted no time in exploiting the Udwin documentary and anti-women theme during an interactive session with Christian Lagarde of the IMF. A dumb girl, cleverly tutored by NDTV (and probably a future anchor for them), asked the IMF head this question on March 16:

And these are the bimbos who are hand-picked by NDTV with tutored questions which shock and are laughed at even by the guest on the show. Now, I can understand somewhat if that tutored-bimbo had asked if women will be left behind but her royal dumbness was made to ask if growth will be only for “Hindu males”. At least C5M Sagarika was kinder; she said all Indian males are ugly. So, it is not just men according to NDTV pimps but it only Hindu men who will benefit from Modi govt’s policies. What pigs formulate such tactics if not for anti-Hindu Christians? If this is the sample of an educated woman in Delhi who keeps track of growth, politics or media then she comes from the dumbest of samples. This is because Modi’s record in Gujarat and at the Centre shows a strong (desirable) bias towards growth of women (even campaigns like Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao). Modi was CM of a state where women never experience fears and move freely even in late hours in the night. Women visitors to the state have acknowledged this.

There is worse; some spokie for the Bengal convent said on NDTV on March 17 the rapists at Nadia school vandalised the church and that it was part of the “GharWapsi” program. GharWapsi is done through rapes and church attacks? What kind of extreme anti-Hindu bitching is going on here? But the Christian mafia’s campaign is not based on facts or truth as any propaganda is unlikely to be. The international mafia then picks up the thread asReuters does here:

Christians say? Which Christians? The pimps from NDTV? Or anti-national pigs like John Dayal? Or that Father Emmanuel who said the concept of “Karma” that Hindus believe in is all nonsense? Conveniently quote some stray quack and claim the headline. Now what was Reuters on about? It was about a 72-year old nun raped in Bengal recently. This is not a stray rape that has happened in Bengal under Mamata Banerjee. There have been quite a few before and some rapes ending in murders too. And when law and order is a state matter why is Modi responsible for a rape in Bengal? Media mafia’s campaign will take anything they get to target Modi. But you just got lucky! An Archbishop straight from Zombieland established the “Supreme Court of Jesus Against Modi” and delivered the following ruling:

Here’s the best part which most media morons have conveniently ignored or probably covered up. If rape happens in a school our media trashes the school authorities and holds them responsible. If in an office they hold the company management responsible. They even find out if the companies had instituted a Committee to hear SH complaints mandated by the SC. What happened in Nadia, Bengal? Here’s what:

The rape happened inside the premises? Why isn’t that Archbishop responsible if he is the management? Why isn’t the person running the school responsible? Whose is the head that should roll first? But no! According to this anti-Modi preacher, none of the in-house management is responsible or accountable, the State CM is not responsible but someone miles away is inciting rapes inside the school’s premises? How sick is this man? Are these bishops and priests really serious about their churches? Aren’t there churches full of rapists and pedophiles? What makes these people so holy? Here’s a horrendous storyabout filthy priests and tortured nuns – a true story. This is in Kerala. What these bishops mean is they are free to rape inside their church and Jesus allows that?

Considering the frequent sexual offences in churches and their other outlets why shouldn’t churches also be asked to form Sexual offence committees mandated by the SC? But that’s a logical question and their agenda is not based on logic – it’s based on hate-mongering against this BJP govt and against Hindus in general.

I have said many times and also written on this site that politics in India is not really left wing or right wing politics. Our politics is really Chrislamists Vs Hindus. The Christian mafia’s agenda here is to tar the Modi govt while their political accomplices will agitate to ensure no major bills are passed in the parliament; especially not the anti-conversion bill which they dread. Their media accomplices will constantly drum up bogus issues and blow up minor issues to portray Modi as a demon who is anti-minority and BJP is anti-women. That is the social aspect. Politically, they will paint Modi as anti-farmer and anti-poor as they have been doing all along. They will deviously portray him as causing social strife and disharmony. They will also use non-regular participants like Ribeiro as useful idiots. All the good work by ModiSarkar will be blacked out or receive token mentions (TOI recently even blacked out Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka).

The Christian agenda is to throw out the BJP govt if possible or to at least ensure it doesn’t win more states and 2019. It is for Hindus to understand this vicious, organised mafia and not fall for the Christian agenda – domestic and international.
Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

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