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The Anti-Modi Christian Agenda - Part 2

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015

The Anti-Modi Christian Agenda - Part 2

Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that; I'm right and I'll be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first—rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me – John Lennon, 1966

Was Lennon right? Absolutely! Christianity has been declining in the West for a long time now. People find churches and sermons boring. Many churches in England have turned into mosques. Even funnier, many churches in England have turned into bars, car showrooms and circus schools. This is true for many states in Europe and also the US. Some of the churches folded up because they weren’t getting enough money to sustain themselves. Like with markets for other products, India is being seen as a vast, potential and profitable country for the conversion mafia to “harvest souls”. The squeezing of cash-flow to many fraudulent NGOs and fraudulent conversion mafia operators and other allied partners is causing them dismay. Thus, the strident anti-Modi Christian agenda.  

So, some attacks on churches (all proved to have no connection to BJP or any Hindu organisation) are being blown up as Hindu attack or BJP attack on Christians. However, this organised mafia didn’t start their anti-Modi tirade and campaign yesterday or in the last few months. The seeds were sown on May 16 when the LS results came out and BJP won a clear majority. That was the day the Christian hate-mongers started their campaign. All you have to do is read this article at The Mission Network (of the South India churches) which looks like an appeal and understand the sinister twist given to the election results. If you read that, it should give you a good idea of the criminal intentions of these hate-mongers.

And following the fake outrage in media houses, particularly the Chrislamist pimps at NDTV and TOI, many NGO operators made it an international issue with the message “Christians are under attack” and “Christians under siege” under ModiSarkar. This full page farce in TOI would lead you to believe Hindus are carrying out a mass attack on Christians all over the country. Such criminal campaigns have to receive extraordinary funds from somewhere:

TOI gathered all the stupid Christian celebrities for soundbites to make it sound as if they are under grave danger and fear they may be attacked. One senile moron called Julius Ribeiro even went to the extent of claiming he was on a hit list and felt like he was a stranger in his own country. Such filth was then promoted non-stop by anti-Hindu morons at NDTV, Headlines Today, TimesNow and other channels to slander ModiSarkar. Like I predicted, this was an organised hate campaign and the Christian MPs ganged up too (after the Bengal Nun-rape). The most unfortunate part of this Christian agenda is ModiSarkar too caved in. Only a gutless govt can fall prey to nonsense even when they know it is slander and they succumbed to the only known tactic that our stupid govts know: Appeasement. That is exactly what ModiSarkar did in absence of the guts to confront the liars with facts:

You set up a separate helpline for Christian liars who indulge in stupid fear-mongering and agitate on the streets driven by an agenda to tarnish your own govt? You feed the crocodile, it will demand more of your flesh and blood. That’s what the Christians started doing. How far will such moronery go – next will be separate Hindu police, Muslim police, Christian police, Sikh police and others police? Then the Christian hate-mongers (coupled with hate-mongers from the Islamic media club like Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose etc) got more ammunition with the rape of a 71 year old nun in Nadia,Bengal. All kinds of bishops, politicians and wanton idiots landed up at the town to again scream “Christians under attack” and target ModiSarkar. One would think Hindus had unleashed a wave of rapes and violence against this community. That was indeed the media and Christian objective. It got better on March 25 on NDTV with hate-monger Barkha Dutt again spewing extreme nonsense with the aid of a morongini from Sophia College called Sr. Ananda Amritmahal.

The topic at NDTV:  Tolerance Under Threat, is This What India Wants to be: Sophia's Principal on Church Attacks. This country has tolerated atrocities from the desert religions for hundreds of years and accommodated the worst criminals from these religions and even honoured some of them. Yet, Hindu tolerance is always under test through the guise of “India’s tolerance”? What is worse, extreme Hindu-haters like Sr. Amrita throw around words like Nazi, genocide, pogrom without the slightest responsibility as NDTV has done for many years against BJP and Modi. This sister of Sophia claimed for Christians India had become like Nazi Germany.Mohandas Pai sharply rejected the nonsense of this alarmist extremism and wrong comparisons. Barkha jumps to the sister’s defence claiming the Nazi reference was more of a metaphor.

Metaphor? Hindu-hating pigs like Barkha and this sister use such terms and call it metaphor? I call them Hindu-hating pigs and I don’t intend any metaphor. And what in hell is the obsession with Nazis? After all these Christian morons think Hitler wasn’t a Christian? He indeed was and it was brutal Christians under Hitler who carried out the slaughter of millions.It is Christians who were the real Nazis who killed millions of Jews. They like to peddle the lie that Hitler was an atheist. Truth is, Hitler carried out his acts as a true Jew-hating Christian. The Holocaust was caused by Christian fundamentalism. So, I don’t think any Christian anywhere has the moral authority to lecture Hindus on tolerance or respect for other religions. If Hindus were indeed intolerant I doubt any Christian would be left in this country and still allowing the conversion mafia to do business. That fraudulent business has to stop anyway; whether the Christian conversion-mafia likes it or not. A majority of conversions are fraudulent, made through bribery in cash or kind.

In the third para of this post I had given you a link to the hate-mongering article by the South India Church at the Mission Network. If you tried the link I’m sure you would have found the cowards have removed the article knowing how Christian extremists abused Hindus and ModiSarkar. Let me give you a sample of what was written by them as soon as BJP won the LS election:

May 16, 2014 - Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

The RSS has won control of the Central Government through its political party, the BJP. And not by a slim majority; 330 Member of Parliament seats, 278 of these directly. 272 MP seats is a majority in a 544 seat Parliament. We have been praying for months that God would make His will clear as to the next period of work by the South India Church of Christ Mission. Would it be in a time of persecution or yet more time free from the attacks on Christ's church during the previous BJP/RSS Central Government control of the Central Government? This has been for us the No. 1 issue since Easter celebrations and evangelism.

God has made His will known today. We are now beginning the time of the Second Great Persecution of Christ's church in India this century… The vote could not be any clearer. The RSS is the Indian branch of Hitler's Nazi Party. It will stop at nothing to make India the homeland of its own brand of Hinduism, called "Hindutva."  Hindutva is very much like Hitler's "Aryanism." This goes far beyond what many Hindus normally believe, as a true follower of Hindutva has to believe in one god, Ram. And the RSS are his priests. They are ruthless and driven with a Satanic energy.

Using money power, unending propaganda and a major push by RSS full time "saints", "India's Hitler", Nirendra Modi, now has control of Parliament with over half the seats. Narendra Modi looks and acts like an old-style dictator. It is not by accident. His campaign promises were like Hitler when he came to power in 1933: something for everyone, no specifics.  And the very real threat of an end to India's constitutional democracy if Narendra Modi uses the full power of his majority. This is a Constitution that protects the right of a citizen to be a member of a religion of their choice”.

So you know where that morongini sister’s “Nazi” comment comes from. This tarring and hate-mongering by Christian outfits defended by media pimps like Barkha should neither be ignored nor be condoned. They deserve condemnation in the strongest terms and where they exceed the law they should be prosecuted without fear of stupid street agitations by the mafia. Although the mission network deleted article you can read the full hate-filled piece here.

As truth happens, the nun-rape wasn’t by Hindus or any Hindu organisation vandalising their property. In fact none of the attacks on churches were by any organised outfit or anyone connected to BJP or ModiSarkar. The lies are part of a grand Christian agenda (with international partners) to somehow ensure BJP doesn’t win anymore states or 2019 like I already said in the previous post. The nun-rapists were Bangladeshis it seems which culminated in the arrest of 17 including one Sheikh Salim who was arrested from Mumbai. How this Bangladeshi comes in, rapes and attacks and then runs for shelter in Mumbai is a another story of how many Bangladeshis are holed in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities of India. It’s a theory butSundayGuardian carried an article stating this particular nun-rape incident was an ISI conspiracy. And many ISI-paid pimps in India spent a lot of time slamming Hindus and ModiSarkar as the criminals. Hope their faces are blackened now. The Chrislamists are waging a war against ModiSarkar in unique cooperation.

The conversion mafia is so sick that they don’t even spare the sick and suffering in hospitals. This notice put up at a Goa hospital should tell you how extreme these scroungers are. Nothing and no religion can justify such despicable peddling of religion. 

There are places in India, like Chennai and parts of Tamil Nadu or Kerala, where you can’t pass a kilometre without some rock scribbled with “Jesus” message or a wall-painting or hoarding with “Jesus saves you”. And these guys sell Jesus like companies sell cement or gutka with hoardings and wall paintings. The funniest part is they have brainwashed some morons into such extremism that they put up such wall paintings:

I find it laughable that the brainwashed ones think Jesus is God. Might as well scream “My God is the strongest” like some Complan ad. Nevertheless, the whole Christian anti-Modi agenda comes from the fear of restrictions of funds and blockade of brainwashing more people in India when Christianity is dying in other places in the world. Hindus need to know this truth. All the fear-mongering stems from that stupidity aided by sick, Hindu-hating media pimps. 

Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

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