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430 New buses kept in idle: TN Govt trying to hide the truth

PMK Founder Dr. S. Ramadoss Statement
430 New buses kept in idle:
TN Govt trying to hide the truth  
I mentioned in my earlier statement dated 06.03.2015 that 260 new buses purchased by the Tamil Nadu transport corporation are now kept idle at Transport Corporation’s depots awaiting reinstatement of Jayalalitha as Chief Minister. Since the buses are kept idle for more than 6 months the Government Transport Corporation have incurred a capital loss of Rs. 2.88 crores and revenue loss of Rs. 58.50 crores. 
Further to this, a news article was published in a biweekly magazine. Answering to a query raised by the author of the article regarding non-utilisation of buses procured with crores of rupees, the Transport Ministry stated‘It is not possible to start plying the buses after completion of work on just 10 buses. At least 400 buses should be ready before commencing operation. The trade unions are spreading false news with the intention of maligning us. This is not true’. By saying this the Transport Ministrywas trying to make it appear as if only 10 buses are kept idle without utilisation. This is like hiding a wholePumpkin in food.
In the beginning of March only 260 buses were kept idle at Transport corporations’ depots. It had increased gradually and as on 15.04.2015 a total of 430 buses are kept idle. Of this more than two hundred buses are kept idle for 9 months, i.e since August 2014. In the depots attached to Kumbakonam division alone 51 buses are kept idle. Since the buses are parked in the open they are damaged by rain and sun and will be damaged soon.
Since 430 buses are kept idle for 2 to 9 months the total loss incurred by way of interest, quarterly taxes, wear and tear works out to Rs. 4.64 crores and the revenue loss about Rs. 91.35 crores. On the other hand the retired employees of the Government Transport Corporations are not given pension benefits for the past 3 years and Government buses are confiscated by courts for not giving compensation for deaths due to accidents caused by the Corporation buses. The reason for these situations is said to be lack of funds. It is only prudent to operate the buses which are ready for deployment to improve the financial situation. Instead of doing this essential work, the attitude of awaiting the release of a person convicted for corruption to come back and swornas Chief Minister to inaugurate the operation of these buses is highly condemnable. 
Chennai Metro Rail Scheme, Chennai Koyambedu Grains Market, number of completed buildings, completed drinking water schemes and thousands of other public welfare schemes are awaiting Jayalalitha’s verdict without usage. Jayalalitha was punished by a court of law for corruption and she is compelled to face the trial and punishment. Why should the common man be punished by holding of welfare schemes?
Those who had forgotten their duties to the people and waste their time in fawning will be punished by the people of Tamil Nadu in the coming assembly elections.
Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

Senkottai Sriram Srinivasan

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